Friday, October 25, 2013

Google Sites, Digital Portfolios - It's A Beginning

This week I introduced Google Sites to our students!  This will give them a place to share their learning and creating for many years to come!  The lesson provided a great opportunity to have a conversation about online safety and password security, a conversation that we will revisit many times this year.  Students were really excited to get their own Google accounts, especially when they began creating their own websites!

I walked them through the steps to create their website.  Once their Google Site was created they had fun personalizing it by changing the theme, color and fonts.  I am looking forward to our next time together because we can begin adding content to their website!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

1st Graders Create An eBook to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Pigeon!!

Our first graders have created and published their very first eBooks, Pigeon Finds New Friends by the Oak Hills First Graders!  We couldn't wait to share it with you! 

Mrs. Grant's Class is our sample above, but make sure to check out the books from all the first grade classes below!

Pigeon Finds New Friends - Hegg

Pigeon Finds New Friends - Johnson

Pigeon Finds New Friends - Zeglin

Our eBook was inspired by an interview I saw this summer with Mo Willems, in which he "preached the gospel of the doodle to kids of all ages, showing them how to create new worlds with just a blank piece of paper and a marker!"


This interview got me to thinking, why not have the students digitally doodle!!   What better example of doodling than to follow the example of the Caldecott Award winning author and illustrator Mo Willems, author of....


We laughed as we read the Pigeon books, we watched a Mo Willems interview and then we were ready to doodle!  We used the iPad app ShowMe to create the pages of our new book!!

I hope you enjoy reading our new eBook as much as we had fun making it!  Thanks to Mo Willems for the inspiration!