Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Library Scavenger Hunt With QR Codes


It is a new school year and we have iPads in the library!!!  I traditionally start each new school year by reintroducing (introducing to new students!) the library to returning students.  What a great opportunity to try out our new technology.  I introduced the app Red Laser to students.  This app allows the user to create QR codes that once scanned, will connect to followup websites or messages, often advertisements.  It is not uncommon to see QR codes in stores and magazines. For this lesson, I created the QR codes before students arrived.  I placed the QR codes in areas and on items that I wanted student to see around the library.  Once I demonstrated how easy it was to scan QR codes with Red Laser, I sent students on a scavenger hunt to find the QR codes. As student located and scanned each QR code, I asked them to record what they found in a Google form.  This way we could have a followup conversation about what they learned from each QR code.