Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's Here!! The Much Awaited AASL Best Websites For Teaching & Learning 2014


Each year for the past six years the American Association of School Librarians has published their well vetted list of great educational websitesand new in 2013 - Apps.  Many of these websites and apps have become my favorite websites to use with my students!  The lists include InstaGrok (one of my absolute favorites!!), Smore, Inklewriter, Padlet, Tellagami and Flipsnack!  Recently while at the ISTE conference in Atlanta, I had the chance to meet the creators of several of this year's favorite apps!  It was a thrill to meet the creator, Kirill and manager, Justin of InstaGrok! They are rock stars for creating a tool to help students with the complex tasks required for research!

I also got to meet creator, Ulla, of one of AASL's best websites, Thinglink, another fabulous app for creating interactive images!

I am excited to explore AASL's 2014 list of educational websites and apps.  This has been such a wonderful resource over the years! Guess what I will be doing during July and August as I prepare for my students for our upcoming school year!!