Thursday, November 20, 2014

1st Graders Celebrate Thanksgiving With Books & The ScrapPad Thanksgiving iPad App!!

This month, 1st graders have been reading a collection of books about Fall, November and Thanksgiving! With all the books about being thankful, students wanted to share what they were thankful for!  I was the scribe for students so they could share and brainstorm.  Together we came up with a list!

Once we had a list, students used the iPad app ScrapPad -Thanksgiving (a free scrapbooking app that comes in a variety of topical & holiday themes)  They designed their own Thankful Posters!  

Students learned how to search an iPad's spotlight search feature. They learned how to use the iPad virtual keyboard, backspace and space.  They also used the two finger pinch to change the size of text and clipart.  They had a blast making their posters! Oh how thankful we are for our books and iPads!