Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Book-A-Wocky! Public Libraries Are Vital For Our Community!

Public libraries around the nation are a fantastic resource for their communities, but they are at their absolute best in the summers when most students don't have access to their school libraries. Our local library, Dakota County Heritage Library, is a hub for connecting and reading!  Their summer reading program is vital for the children in our community. It is a great place to find friends and books!  It seems like every time I visit the library I am so excited to see my Oak Hills students and their families taking advantage of the library summer reading program!

Our library offers a reading incentive program, but also offers "experiences" for children. Craft fairs, spelling bees, puppet shows, book clubs, and many other creative activities for kids!
Lakeville's Heritage Children's librarians, Jenifer Wagner and Martha Bisek have a contagious enthusiasm for helping children!

My daughter, Tori, and her friend, Rachel, are library volunteers for the summer reading program! Way to go sweeties! It is great to bring the whole community into the library!