Thursday, January 14, 2016

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. With A Student Created eBook of His Famous Quotes!

I am happy to say that our Oak Hills 5th graders know a great deal about the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.  This week, they took a look at other less famous quotes attributed to him during his life.  He is most known for his "I Have A Dream" speech, but he had many additional poignant things to share with the world. My students were amazed at Martin Luther King Jr's eloquence. He was an inspiration to people everywhere and an example of the impact that one person can make.

To create the eBook, students researched Martin Luther King Jr's most notable quotes and selected their favorite from the many choices.  Then students used the iPad app, Haiku Deck, to gather images and quotes to share with each other. Once students created their "poster" in Haiku Deck, they took a screenshot.  Each of them added the screenshot of their poster to a shared Google presentation. Once they were added, I downloaded it as a pdf and uploaded the pdf to to create the eBook. The results was an eBook that gave students insight into the voice of a great man.

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