Thursday, February 2, 2017

OHE Students Are Excited To Share Their Creative Stories With Storybird!

All over our school, students are excited to share their creative writing because of the fantastic web app, Storybird.

Students are often given time in school to write. They write paragraphs and essays to answer questions, they write nonfiction reports, and they write to evaluate their reading. These opportunities to write are vital for our students to become good readers and writers. Unfortunately, students are given less time to make up their own stories. Storybird has been inspiring our students to explore their creativity and the results are amazing!

Storybird helps students resolve the age old question - What should I write about? Within the web app, students are given a huge library of original digital art to select for their stories. This artwork not only serves as illustrations for their stories, but also the spark for their creativity! One of my favorite features in Storybird is the teacher management. It allows the teacher to create and manage student writing as well as create assignments to help guide student writing.

Once students have published their stories, their eBook can be shared with others by simply sharing the link. Students can even co-author stories if they want to collaborate with a classmate. Each published eBook also has an embed code so students can add their eBook to their blog!

Check out these two examples!