Friday, March 24, 2017

3rd Graders Practice Using Adjectives With The ABCya Word Cloud Web App!

Third graders are in love with adjectives, especially if they can use them to describe themselves! These third graders turned their study of adjectives into a fun opportunity to build their self esteem! (MN Benchmark - ELEM.ELA.  Explain the functions of adjectives & other parts of speech... MN Benchmark - ELEM.ELA.  Form and use comparative and superlative adjectives...)

Students began by using adjectives to describe themselves. Once they had a sufficient list, they typed the adjectives into the word cloud creation web tool at ABCya

 They typed their name twice to make sure it was bigger than the other words in their cloud. The ABCya tool allows them to choose their font, style, and color.  Once they were finished, they were able to add their word clouds into their Google Drive which was easy to navigate because they were already logged into their Google account on their Chromebooks. They were also able to share their work with their teacher using the share options in Google. This engaging activity with adjectives built their vocabulary and their knowledge of describing words!  The finished product, if they were printed on paper, made perfect locker signs for this colorful classroom of 3rd graders!