Thursday, April 6, 2017

Students Use Cooperative Learning and Glogster to Teach Each Other About Ancient Egypt!

Recently, Mrs. Pettis came to me and asked if I had a suggestion for a digital tool that students could use to share their learning about Ancient Egypt with each other.  She planned to use the jigsaw cooperative learning strategy that gives students the opportunity to help each other to learn and comprehend. Each student was researching a different aspect of Ancient Egypt, and when they were done they had the responsibility of teaching the rest of the class. Students were familiar with slideshows and iMovie, so Mrs. Pettis wanted them to learn a new digital presentation tool that would be easy and quick. I decided the perfect fit would be Glogster. I have a class subscription for one class to use Glogster at a time, but that has served us well.  

Students found that Glogster was an intuitive digital tool. Unlike other similar tools, it allows users to create a digital posters with embedded video, images and text.  It is kind of like a slideshow where the contents are all on one page! Students began by adding their choice of background. They could choose from Glogster options or choose an image of their choice.

Once students had chosen their background, they began to add text, images and videos. This provided the perfect moment to discuss responsible use of our technology. We had a great discussion about the privileges and responsibilities that come with having access to digital devices!

Their final projects were fabulous, leaving them with a dynamic visual for their lesson for the class!  Here are just a few screenshot examples!