Saturday, November 4, 2017

Climbing The Uphill Learning Curve...Are We At The Top Yet?

Typically, I try to focus my blog on digital lessons that the Oak Hills Elementary community and my PLN (professional learning community) will find helpful. It's probably obvious, but I am a believer in sharing my learning and ideas. I am grateful and inspired by colleagues, both near and far, who are willing to share their ideas. And this professional inspiration propels me forward! So I try to share in the hopes that I can "pay it forward".

This school year, however, I've been struggling to act on this core belief of mine. Like many bloggers, I always feel a little guilt, a little naggling voice reminding me that I haven't been writing or sharing!  With the exception of a few tweets here and there, I have spent the first two months of the school year climbing a few big learning curves (new 3D printer - need I say more, redesigning the library and learning how to record & manage our daily news announcements) along with the regular every day challenges. Each one of these challenges would be manageable by themselves, but together make a high peak to climb!(to keep the analogy going) I know the payoff for my students and school will be great, but I am a bit winded by the climb!

Stay tuned for more details on how it's going!