Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Cubelets - Robots For Learning!

In a continuing effort to provide opportunities for our OHE students to become makers, this week students began to explore new tools in our makerspace. I began with a small group, with the intent of introducing them to classrooms in the coming weeks.  Cubelets are modular robots that can be constructed and reconstructed for different purposes. They connect with magnets making it easy assemble and change. Our first session with Cubelets was simple exploration. Students tried a variety of different configurations to discover how their robots would change. The cubelet robot cubes are divided into three categories - sense, think and act blocks. It took our students no time at all to get the hang of Cubelets, and their invention cycle, create, remix, play, share, was hoppin' fast!

With our Cubelets, I also purchased bluetooth Cubelets. So in future we will be able to combine these robots with coding! I can't wait to see what our students invent when combining these robots with coding!