Monday, February 5, 2018

The Lorenson Lowdown Newspaper! Great Job 3rd Graders!

Two months ago, Mrs. Lorenson asked me to help her find a way for her students to create a digital newspaper. After searching for options, I suggested a template that I found on a website created by a tech teacher in Alberta, Canada, Darren Maltais.

Among the many digital templates, the newspaper option was perfect for Mrs. Lorenson's MTSS class.  Mrs. Lorenson began by brainstorming with students the OHE topic areas to include in their paper. She had students select their favorite topic and then assigned them to write interview questions to ask the adults in charge of their chosen OHE topic area.  Once the interviews were completed, students wrote their articles based on their interview notes.

Meanwhile, I copied the newspaper template to my Google Drive. The format was a Google slideshow. I made a few edits, like changing the date and title to The Lorenson Lowdown and duplicated the slide 19 times, one for each student. I shared the Google slides with all of her students. Each student was assigned one slide for their article. They typed their article and added a photo. Once they completed the slideshow, I downloaded the slideshow to a .pdf and uploaded it to

This project took some time, but gave students an opportunity to work on many of the ELA benchmarks. Great job to Mrs. Lorenson's MTSS class!