Friday, December 13, 2013

1st Graders Catch Gingerbread Friends With The Help Of QR Codes!!!

Gingerbread Friends! by Slidely Slideshow

This week, Oak Hills 1st Graders continued with the book Gingerbread Friends, by Jan Brett from last week's lesson.  (Read about last week's lesson - 1st Graders Are Researching Authors...)  In the book Gingerbread Friends, students learned that Gingerbread Baby was lonely and looking for friends. This week, 1st graders went searching for friends for Gingerbread Baby with a scavenger hunt around the media center!!  I placed gingerbread friends with QR codes around the media center.  Each QR code brought the students to a different gingerbread book that we had in our library.  Students could see and compare all the creative gingerbread stories by a variety of authors!  Students used the iPad app RedLaser to read the QR codes!  After all of the gingerbread friends were found we read the gingerbread books!  I took lots of photos and popped them into a Slidely Slideshow so everyone could join our fun Gingerbread Friend QR Code Scavenger Hunt!!