Wednesday, December 18, 2013

5th Graders Enjoy A Little Frivolity with Tagxedo!!!

This week I had a little extra time with 5th graders.  We were between projects, so I decided to show them one of my favorite web 2.0 sites, Tagxedo!  I just knew they would love it as much as I do!!  It is my favorite of all the Word Cloud sites! 

Our theme was family traditions!  I asked students to make a list of their family traditions.  They were encouraged to choose whatever traditions they love most, whether it be holiday traditions or the simple everyday traditions that all families have!!  On the Tagxedo site, students listed their family traditions, separated by commas.  In order to make some words and phrases bigger, students entered them more than once.  In order to keep phrases together, student put a tilde (~) between the words.  They selected their choice of shape, color and font.  The result was their own personalized word art!