Friday, March 13, 2015

1st Graders Create Their First iMovies!

First graders are putting the finishing touches on Caldecott iMovies! They have been working hard on their videos each week in media class.  Anyone visiting our library would have seen them under tables, under the circulation desk, and any nook and cranny available to create their own little recording studios!

We began the project by using the Chirp App to share the images of this year's Caldecott Award winning books. Once every iPad had the images, students imported the images into iMovie and added background music.  Then they added the Ken Burn's scrolling effect on each image.  They added vocal tracks by recording themselves saying the name of each book.

Their last step was a self recorded video sharing their favorite Caldecott for the year. Along the way students learned how to turn the volume up and down on the audio and video tracks. They were real experts by the time they were done!

Our final step will be to save their iMovies into Google Drive.  When they are older they will create a digital portfolio website and will be able to use this video as an example of their early digital work!