Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Madness Tournament of Books - 2015! Let The Games Begin!!

This week, Oak Hills students are completing their 2015 March Madness Tournament of Books brackets and voting for the Elite Eight using a Google form! This book tournament was so popular last year, that I decided to bring it back for another year!  

To select the original list of sixteen books, I surveyed a few classes for an initial list of favorites. Then I cross-referenced the list with our checkout records in Destiny, our library database, to find the books that have been checked out the most.  I wanted to choose books that were already popular among the students.  Students with the highest point total will win a book from the BOGO Scholastic Book Fair on April 21st!

Once students filled out their brackets, I had them vote on the "Elite 8" to determine the winners of that round of the tournament.  Below is the ballot for the Elite 8.  If you are familiar with a few of the books, you are invited to vote too!  (Filling out a bracket and choosing the subsequent student winners will be reserved for our Oak Hills students, but we would love your help in determining the winning books for each stage of the bracket!)