Monday, September 21, 2015

Navigating the Library - New Organization, New Signs, New Year!

At the end of last school year, our entire fiction section was completely reorganized by genre.  If you haven't read all about it, check out Hacking Genrification at the Oak Hills Library!  It was a huge job!


I knew that the very beginning of the year would require a few lessons to help students find books using the newly genrified fiction section.  We have had two weeks of book checkout since the new school year began, and so far the newly genrified fiction section is receiving RAVE reviews.  This is a great relief to me! It was such a huge job and I really wanted some reassurance that we made the right decision. One student explained that adding genres gave him additional clues to find the book on the shelf! Another students said she liked searching for her book in a smaller genre section, rather than searching for her book in the entire fiction section. 

I also added lots of new signs to help student find books! My younger students really found the picture signs helpful.

Helping students find their books continues to be my number one goal.  If I can help them find their books while also teaching search terms, alphabetizing, sequencing and genre, then their library experience becomes both educational and fun!