Tuesday, October 27, 2015

1st Graders Go Wild With Mashed Up Selfies Using Photobooth!!

Each year I look for opportunities to get kindergarten and 1st grade students familiar with using our computers and iPads. There is a surprising array of skills that many adults just take for granted that our 1st graders need help with!  I love introducing our students to Photobooth because it gives them an opportunity to "play" while learning how to use a computer!  

Students go wild for Photobooth, a program that Apple provides for free on their computers and iPads.  I like to have students try Photobooth before introducing the same concept on the iPads because it is surprisingly easier for them to manage. It also gives them great options for effects that twist and stretch their selfies into unrecognizable messes!  Oh how they love that!! Check out our our mashed up selfies!!