Monday, November 21, 2016

1st Graders Demonstrate Their Learning With Help From The SeeSaw App!

This week I was privileged to be a part of 1st grade digital math lessons. Mrs. Johnson's class was working on math stories. Students were asked to make up subtraction story problems.  Students selected two number cards and imagined their math stories. Once they were ready with their stories, they logged into SeeSaw using the class QR code.  

Students used the SeeSaw app to video tape their math stories and submit via SeeSaw.  Once Mrs. Johnson approved their videos, students could view and comment on each other's math stories! What a great way to share their math and learn how to make appropriate comments to encourage each other. Seesaw really helped to streamline this lesson for maximum efficiency for student learning and teacher assessment.

Mrs. Hegg's class was working on sorting.  Students were given groups of picture cards and asked to sort.  This was fun to watch. There was no one way to sort the cards, so students were able to find common elements between the pictures on their cards.  Once they had their cards sorted, student logged into SeeSaw using the class QR code.  They took a picture with their cards and then used the voice recorder to describe their work. Mrs. Hegg was able to approve each submission to the class feed and students could see each other and comment.  This feature is one of my favorites within the SeeSaw app.

I am continually amazed at how many ways the camera can be used in digitally infused classrooms. There are so many fantastic education apps & web tools, including the SeeSaw App, but it is the built in camera that seems to offer an endless array of options for our students to learn and grow.