Thursday, November 17, 2016

Students Create Character Webs About Grace Using The Doodle Buddy & Popplet Lite Apps!

Today, Mrs. McCollough's 3rd Graders demonstrated their learning about the main characters of two beautiful books by Mary Hoffman, Amazing Grace and Boundless Grace. Students were practicing Minnesota Benchmark ELA - Write routinely for a range of discipline-specific tasks, purposes and audiences. 

Mrs. McCollough read both books to her class.  They discussed the stories and analyzed the main character, Grace.  After their discussion, students used Doodle Buddy to draw a picture of Grace.  They exported their picture to Photos.  Students then opened the Popplet Lite App and created a character web putting their newly drawn picture in the middle.  

After creating the character web, students will be tying in their supporting evidence. What textual evidence do they have that supports the assertions about Grace? This is where we really see students digging deep!  Finally, students share their character webs and evidence with each other.