Monday, September 16, 2013

3D Dots - What better way to celebrate Dot Day

I have been researching possible projects to extend our Dot Day lessons (You can read about Dot Day here!) with my students, and as always, my focus remains on all things digital.  During my research, these pictures caught my eye.

I wanted to know more!  I followed the trail back to an app called colAR Mix.  This mobile app begins with coloring pages from the colAR App website.  

I was so excited to show students the YouTube video explaining how to create an animated coloring sheet. 

Once students saw the video they couldn't wait to create 3D pictures too!   I gave each of them the specially created Dot Day coloring page from the colAR App website.  Once they colored their pages, they used the iPads (I had already downloaded the free colAR Mix app) to watch their drawing come to life!!  Twirling, spinning, multiplying and turning into 3D objects!  They investigated the buttons within the app to find all the possibilities!

Here are just a few examples!


These were the BEST DOTS EVER!!!  A wonderful celebration of creativity!