Monday, September 9, 2013

We Are Making Our Mark In Celebration Of Dot Day

It's a new school year and the perfect time to celebrate Dot Day.  What is Dot Day you may ask?  Dot Day is on September 15th, which is when The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds was first published in 2003.  On this day, Peter challenges people all over the world to "make your own mark and see where it takes you." To find out more visit Peter's website -  International Dot Day Website.

We began by reading the book and watching the video on YouTube    

After we brainstormed the themes of this very simple but powerful book.   The first and second graders celebrated their creativity by designing their own dots in TuxPaint, our "go to" draw program for students.  We were able to decorate our for Dot Day with their beautiful art work!!