Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Students Make Their Mark... On Each Other, The World, and Me

With International Dot Day coming, we have been talking about the uniqueness of our own marks! (Find out more about Dot Day here!)   It seemed like the perfect time to show students a new digital tool I recently learned about called ReciteThis!  It is very easy to use by typing in what you want to quote and then picking the template from the bottom of the page.  

Once you have your quote, the site gives you the option to share it through a variety of social networks and email.  You can also download the image right to your computer, which is what we did for this project.  I am trying to have students gather their digital work, in the hopes of creating student digital portfolios!  Stay tuned for that, but for now, these posters were unique, a reflection of their own creative self and the mark they leave on others!!  Happy Dot Day!

I was inspired by how the students chose to "make their mark" this year.