Tuesday, November 12, 2013

1st Grade is Mixed-Up Just Like Eric Carle's Mixed-Up Chameleon

Our 1st graders love Eric Carle!  He is like an old friend to most of them since they have been reading his books since they were tiny.  So when I introduced The Mixed-Up Chameleon, they applauded even though most of them had never read it.  Here is the story for those of you who don't have the book...

After reading the book, the students shared what they thought the The Mixed-Up Chameleon was trying to teach...the moral of the story.  We discussed several possibilities, but most students liked the fact that in the end, the Mixed Up Chameleon decided to be himself!

We visited the New York Zoo's Go Wild website called Build Your Wild Self.  This website gave students an opportunity to select different animal parts just like the Mixed-Up Chameleon.  Students went wild building their own mixed up avatars!

For a closer look at these mixed-up first graders, I added their images to a Padlet so everyone could see them!  Clicking on each image will give you a closer look!  

Mrs. Heggs's Class is our sample above, but make sure to check out the other 1st grade classes that are also mixed-up!!!