Wednesday, November 13, 2013

4th and 5th Graders Prepare Their "All About Me" Google Sites Pages!

Fourth and fifth grade students have spent the last few weeks setting up their Google websites.  They have named it, picked a color theme and added their image.  This week, students began working on an "About Me" webpage.  They are very proud of their work!  The fact that a potentially larger audience will eventually see their webpages adds to their desire to do a good job.  

We have talked about the importance of remembering that every piece of information they add to the internet (and future social networks) is a reflection of who they are.  They seem to grasp the significance, and it is a joy to watch and listen as they work to make their websites ready for publication!  When we do publish their websites, it will be restricted to "link only" access, for their safety, but they will be able to direct family and friends to see their sites!