Thursday, March 6, 2014

2nd Grade Book Talk Video Project...Let The Writing Begin!!

This week, second graders are beginning a 'book talk' video project!  I should take a moment to give a shout out to my media specialist colleagues, Paula Hansen and Dick Hicks, who shared this lesson idea with me! After seeing how excited my students were to share their favorite book, I can't wait to see how their finished projects turn out!!

This is a project that will take them a few weeks of media class to complete.  To begin, I asked each of them to select a book that they would like to share, preferably one that they have read recently so that the details are still fresh in their minds!  Once each student had selected a book, they were asked to write a brief summary of the plot and why they would recommend the book!  There was some commotion as students scrambled to find a recently read book to share, but once they settled down to write, it got very very quiet!! Toward the end of class, we had a little time for a few students to share! Next time we will practice reading with expression!

Look for some great 'book talks' in the near future!