Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kahoot Is A Hoot!! Gamification Of A Media Lesson!

This week students are beginning a unit on children's book genres.  It is one of my favorite units each year because I think students can really relate to finding their own favorite book genres.  We began the lesson by identifying the genres of some of our favorite books. What are the common elements found in the each of the genres? Not surprisingly, many students already knew about the elements found is many genres from their own reading. 

To have a little fun with the topic and solidify our learning, I followed up with a quiz game that I created using the web tool Kahoot!  Students went NUTS - in a good way!  If they liked the topic before, turning the lesson content into a game really amped up their interest!! Complete with game show style music and game scores being reported, students were able to play the game and answer the questions from their iPad. They begged me for more!  I will definitely be using Kahoot for future media lessons!