Saturday, March 1, 2014

We Discovered New Library Mischievians With The Help Of The Paper App!

The book The Mischievians by William Joyce was a huge hit with Oak Hills students! It does a wonderful job attempting to explain the mysteries in our daily lives. Why does the remote control disappear? Where do the missing single socks go? Why is the toilet paper roll always empty? Where does lost homework go? These mysteries are solved in this very creative and humorous book about tiny creatures called mischievians! No surprise, students especially love the gross elements - the mischievians who cause bad smells and boogers to dangle! William Joyce did such a great job in writing for his audience!

Check out William Joyce's great book trailer!

In the end of the book, the character Dr. Zooper invites his readers to discover new mischievians, so students took on the challenge of identifying new mischievians! Once each student had imagined their new mischievian, they created an image of it. Our iPads have quite a few drawing apps, all of which create slightly different looks. The Paper App (free version) is excellent at creating beautiful lines with a virtual calligraphy pen. Even squiggles look beautiful with this drawing app! Once students created their new mischievian, they wrote about the mischief and mayhem caused by their mischievian. They were very creative!