Friday, April 18, 2014

3rd Graders Create Their Super Alter Egos Using The You Doodle App!

3rd graders recently began a Super Hero Project.  (Read about our early project research in an earlier blog post - SMASH! BOOM! KAPOW! 3rd Graders Are Researching and Planning Their Super Alter Egos!)

This week, having gathered the common elements shared by most super heros legends, students began creating their super hero personas using the iPad app You Doodle.

It was so exciting to watch students use their imaginations to hatch a plan to save the world from their evil arch nemeses! They put all of their effort into showing their super powers in their images.

Once students have their images completed, we will add the "comic book" look, speech bubble text, and required onomatopoeia!  Look for our final projects in a future blog post!!