Wednesday, April 23, 2014

National Poetry Month - Oak Hills Students Celebrate By Reading, Writing & Sharing Poetry!

April is National Poetry Month, and as I mentioned in earlier blogs posts, it is also School Library Month! What a great opportunity for students to read and write poetry about our inspirational school library!! We finished just in time for tomorrow's Poem in Your Pocket Day!! 

We had great resources to learn about writing poetry!  MyOn eBooks Picture Yourself Writing Poetry and You Can Write Cool Poems were fantastic guides as students prepared to write!

We had great examples of poetry from hard copy books in our library!  My newest favorite is Hi, Koo! by Jon J. Muth!  His book about the seasons gave students examples of poems that paint a picture for the reader!

First Graders took pictures of what they like most about the library!  Once they had their pictures, they used the PicCollage app to share their poems about the library! Students needed lots of help from me to spell the words they wanted to use in their poems, but the end result was wonderful!  I found their words inspiring!

Third graders wrote their cinquain poems using a cinquain graphic organizer from my Eastview Elementary colleague and friend Paula Hansen.  It was perfect for helping students organize their thoughts! When student finished writing their poems, they took pictures of the library, and then used the iPad app Pages to create poetic beauty! 

We also explored acrostic poems using the interactive tool from Read, Write, Think website!