Tuesday, April 22, 2014

5th Graders Create Stop Motion Videos To Share Their "In Plain English" Style Digital Safety Tips!

Over the last month, 5th graders have been busy researching, planning and creating stop motion videos to demonstrate their learning about Digital Citizenship and Safety.  Read more about our Digital Citizenship research in an earlier blog post - 5th Graders Are Researching Digital citizenship And Planning Stop Motion Video Using The MyCreate App

Students used the MyCreate app to create their videos.  They followed the design style seen in the educational videos "In Plain English"by Common Craft to design their videos.  

We learned a great deal from our first attempt to create stop motion videos, and the results were great!!

Lesson 1.  The students loved having a chance to try out a new tech tool and technique that they hadn't tried before. It was fun exploring it together!

Lesson 2. We learned that stop motion video is incredibly time consuming and other techniques for sharing their learning may be more efficient.  It took students several hours to produce only a few seconds of video. I was excited that students were learning a new technique, and the MyCreate app is easy to use, but in the end, I think the Digital Citizenship content was a little lost in the journey to learn how to make stop motion video! 

MY TAKE AWAY - I would totally recommend the MyCreate App for creating stop motion video, and I value providing students an opportunity to learn how stop motion is made! In future, I might not pair the stop motion with digital citizenship research!  

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