Thursday, September 18, 2014

3rd Graders Discover They Can Be Whatever They Want To Be With the Help Of The Book, This Is Moose!

This week, 3rd graders giggled and laughed as I read them a new book by Richard Morris and Tom Lichtenheld, This Is Moose!  This clever book is beautifully illustrated and students were able to easily grasp the underlying message revealed in the humor!  People, like the animals in the book, can be whatever they want to be, even when other are telling them they can't!  This is Moose is an absolutely wonderful read aloud!!

Using the example of moose and his friends, students began using the iPad app Scribble Press to add their own digital pages to the story! Using the style from the book, students created a digital story page sharing what they dream of being when they grow up!  

Scribble Press is a great app for students to create digital books and drawings! They can draw, type, stamp, import images and write in speech bubbles to create their own story pages! 

We only just started when our class time was over, but we will finish our pages in an upcoming class. Look for our digital story pages in a future blog post!!