Sunday, September 14, 2014

Picture Day Perfection & The PixlrExpress App!

This week we used Dan Santat's new hilarious book, Picture Day Perfection to continue our lesson theme - Images of a New Year!  Dan Santat's book celebrates picture day! The main character wants the perfect school picture, but his idea of the perfect picture is very different from what most people consider perfect!  Like most elementary schools across America, we are also preparing for our OHE picture day, so the timing was perfect!!

Here is a quick book trailer to wet your appetite! 

Picture Day Perfection was the perfect book to kick off our discussion about image editing and effects! We used the free iPad app PixlrExpress to learn about the many options for image editing!  I reviewed with students some things to consider when taking selfies, and then sent them off to strike four "perfectly" silly poses, just like the character from Picture Day Perfection.

Students imported their four images into the PixlrExpress app and then we began looking at the options for editing their images!  Effects, overlays, borders, stickers and text could be added to their images to enhance their pictures.  For our images, students where trying to make them look like silly school pictures so they experimented with effects!  The results were hilarious and really fun!  My students have such a great sense of humor!!