Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hooray For Hat Selfies With The YouDoodle App!!

This week, students loved the fun new book by Brian Won, Hooray For Hat! Check out the book trailer!

Students celebrated this new book by creating their own digital hats with the iPad app YouDoodle

We began by reviewing the important tips to remember about taking selfies.  My younger students really struggle with selfies. They find it difficult to look at the tiny iPad camera instead of looking at themselves as they take the picture.  They also tend to try to take the picture from their lap rather than holding up the iPad.  Practice makes perfect!!
Once they had all taken a selfie, leaving enough room in the picture to draw a hat, they imported it into YouDoodle and learned about the great options available in this app!  One reason I like this app is that it gives students so many options!  Students explored all of the YouDoodle options to create original designs!!

Hooray for Hat!!