Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kindergarteners Pick Out Their Own Pet Books!

This week my kindergarten friends and I are reading Bob Staake's newest book, My Pet Book! Mr. Staake uses his familiar rhyming style and distinctive illustrations to tell the tale of a boy who believes the perfect pet is a pet book! As he describes his love for his pet, he lists all the reasons that books are better than all other pets! 

The little boy picks out a frisky red hardcover for his new pet!  They do everything together!

After reading the book, students posed with their own pet books!  Kindergarteners, just like the boy in the story, love their books too!  They had a blast pretending to hold the leash for their pet book! With my help, students drew their leashes in the Pixlr iPad app and identified their pet's name. Super fun!!  Thanks to Bob Staake for the inspiring tale of a boy and his pet book!!