Monday, October 20, 2014

Student's Create New Blogs To Share Their Voices & Their Reading Reviews!

Oak Hills 5th graders are excited to introduce their voice to the world with their brand new blogs! They are using Google's Blogger to create their blogs.  Blogger is easy to use and students get the opportunity to choose their own design theme to personalize the look of their blog! 

In preparation for this lesson, I've been thinking about more than just the "how to" steps for my students to create their blogs.  I've been thinking about why I believe in student blogging, and there are quite a few great reasons!
- Blogging gives students an audience to write for!  They become more invested in their writing because they have an audience beyond that of their teacher and parents.  
- Blogging gives students a voice! Students have an opportunity to share their thoughts with their classmates, families and the world! 
- Blogging establishes an internet identity for students in a safe manner.  It provides an opportunity to talk about being safe online and not sharing personal details.  
- Blogging helps students to realize they are global citizens and collaborators.  Their words are part of a conversation that connects them virtually to other people interested in the same topic!
- Blogging helps transport student learning beyond the four walls of our building!  It lets interested people know what we are working on.
- Blogging helps students become aware of their own writing, and take ownership for it! As they become more aware of their writing, they can self assess and make changes to improve!

So we are beginning our blogs and these will be featured on this blog in the OHE Student Blog section in the near future!  Also, their reading reviews will create the basis for student review QR codes for the books in our library.  Students will be able to scan any library book with a QR code on the cover and read a student review!  

 Look for some very insightful student blog posts in the near future!!