Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Look What Came In The Mail! Connecting With Author Bob Staake!

Last week, kindergarteners had a great time reading Bob Staake's new book, My Pet Book! To read more about the fun they had creating their own pet books, check out my blog post - Kindergarteners Pick Out Their Own Pet Books!  After blogging about our lesson, I tweeted about it too!

Yesterday I went to my teacher mailbox and found a wonderful surprise!  Bob Staake saw my tweet and blog post about our pet books and wrote the boys and girls a note, complete with artwork and a book plate for our library copy of his book!  My kindergarteners will be so excited to find out that Mr. Staake liked our pet books. It is such a thrill for students (and librarians) to connect with the authors that write our cherished book friends!  Thank you Mr. Staake!!