Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Kindergarteners Love The Christmas Hat!

Kindergarteners love the 2004 book, The Christmas Hat by A.J. Wood!  This is one of those books that makes students feel like they have been wrapped in a warm blanket! The pages are embossed with snowy texture.  In the story, Little Owl keeps getting lost in the snow because he blends in with the white snow.  Little Owl's adoptive parents give him a red hat so they won't loose him in the snow. The red helps his parents find him, but also helps the scary red fox to find him too! So Little Owl finds another use for the red hat!

I asked the kindergarteners what their parents/guardians do to care for them. We had such a great time collaborating on a list!  I became the scribe for the group and projected the iPad so students could watch as I wrote.

Then we put on our own hats using the PicCollage app, one of our "go to" apps.  Kindergarteners took selfies (and in some cases, it wasn't quite a selfie as they struggled with taking their own photo) and loved picking a hat from the variety of hats for all seasons.  They typed their names. All in all it was a great opportunity for them to learn a new app!