Sunday, April 26, 2015

3rd Graders Answer The Burning Question - Why Did I Choose This Book To Read?

For those of us entrusted with the task of selecting books for children, there is no bigger question - Why do our students pick the books they pick?  As much as we want them to pick the most high quality books possible, there are so many other factors that they consider when choosing a books to read.

They pick the books they see their friend reading - the popular books!

They choose books for adventure and excitement!

They choose books that continue a series they like! (That is why I LOVE series books for children!)

They choose books based on their interests.

This week during media class, after 3rd graders selected the book they wanted to checkout for the week, I asked them to create a short Tellagami to tell me why they chose their book for the week. Tellagami is a fun and easy way for them to share their opinion with me. They had fun creating their avatars and answering my question.