Saturday, April 25, 2015

Coding with Kindergarten and 1st Grade...Some May Wonder Why?

This week kindergarteners and first graders have been learning coding logic with the Daisy the Dino App and the Kodable App. 


Some may wonder why we would start so young teaching students to code. My youngest students aren't actually digging into a coding language yet, but they are learning coding logic. This coding logic will help them in more academic and life skills than just computer science. Many of the commands make the basis for future geometry lessons and computational thinking. Additionally, these programs peak the interest of students who may want to take it a step further!

Students are learning the concept of commands and loops. After kindergarteners finished making Daisy grow, shrink, flip, spin and jump, they practiced pretending to be Daisy!  I gave the command and the students responded. They had an absolute blast playing with Daisy and being Daisy! Kodable presents students with a maze that they navigate with the use of commands.  This one is presented in a game format and students love the challenge of getting through increasingly complex mazes using commands.  I know that years from now many of my students will not choose to make a living from coding, but statistically speaking, there is a high likelihood that some in the group will choose to pursue it. Teaching them the basics of coding early might help spark their future!