Sunday, April 26, 2015

Inspired by B.J. Novak's Book, 3rd Graders Publish Their Own Hilarious eBook With No Pictures!

3rd Graders have just finished publishing their own hilarious ebook after being inspired by B.J. Novak's, The Book With No Pictures!  To read about the beginning of this project, check out an earlier post - Using B.J.Novak's Example, Students Begin Writing Their Own eBook With No Pictures!

Mr. Novak's book was truly inspired and this became even more apparent to me as students began writing their own version of The Book With No Pictures. As students wrote their pages, I realized I had entered their world. (A world that Mr. Novak really understood and captured in his book!) A place where children find humor in just being silly. This world, which is often lost on adults, is a place where silly sounds and outrageous blurts seemed like the highest form of humor. All over our computer lab, students were cracking themselves up and sharing their giggles and belly laughs with their buddies! Sometimes I laughed not because I understood the humor but because they were so pleased with themselves and their laughter was contagious! Students also loved the sense that they were in control of the reader, presumably a parent!  The combination created a fantastic opportunity for children to be creative and write! Thanks so much B.J. Novak!

To publish this book, student collaborated by sharing a Google presentation.  Each student took a slide or two to write their page of our class book.  

Once the students were done writing, all I had to do was download the Google presentation as a PDF and upload it to one of my favorite eBook publishing tools FlipSnack! Flipsnack allows you to upload any PDF and it automatically turns it into a flipbook - voila! Instant eBook!