Wednesday, November 18, 2015

1st Graders Publish A New eBook - Dinosaurs in the Library!

This week 1st graders turned our library into Jurassic Park...kinda!?! We began our adventure with a delightful rhyming book by Timothy Knapman entitled Dinosaurs in the Supermarket. Students snickered and giggled as I read about the dinosaurs being naughty in the supermarket! Spilling, hiding, and smashing, the dinosaurs made a huge mess, thrilling my students along the way!

So my students used this great example to make a book entitled, Dinosaurs in the Library! Students began by taking a photo of an area in the library. They took photos of the book checkout computer, book shelves, tables, door and computers.  Their photos became the backdrop for their page in our upcoming publication!

Once the students had their photos in the camera roll, they imported them into the free iPad app called Paint Sparkle.  

Then all that was left was to create dinosaurs in the library using sparkling paint! Students were creative in imagining what their dinosaur was doing while in the library.  It was fun hearing their imaginations run wild with tales of naughty dinosaurs.

Students used the PicCollage iPad app to add text to their dinosaur page. From Paint Sparkle, they saved their dino picture to the camera roll and then imported it into PicCollage to add a sentence explaining what their dinosaur was doing! I have only added a few of their pages so far, but once we added all of their pages together, they will have created a fun new ebook!