Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Following The Birds From Froodle, 2nd Graders Share Their Uniqueness Using PicCollage!

Oak Hills 2nd graders loved reading the book, Froodle, by Antoinette Portis! They really loved the silly words that pepper this story of birds who learn to be themselves. I am always looking for ways for students to share their own voice by combining digital tools and books!  Froodle was a great example of a book with a message that my students could embrace!


After reading the book, I asked students to think of characteristic or preferences that made them unique! I used myself as an example to get them started! I am a teacher and a mom. I am honest and diligent. I love digital tools at school and at home. I love reading and I get a special thrill browsing book stores!  I then asked my 2nd graders to think of a characteristics or preferences that made them unique. Students had great fun sharing their characteristics and preferences! Like the birds in Froodle, students are learning to appreciate themselves!

Students used our "go to" app, PicCollage, to create themselves as a bird and share something about themselves. They added a "silly" word like the birds in Froodle! In a few cases students created a rhyme! We uploaded their Froodle picture to their Google Drive. Later, when we create their portfolio website in 4th grade, we will add this picture to show off our 2nd grade selves!