Wednesday, November 4, 2015

60 Years Later, Kindergarteners Still Love Harold And The Purple Crayon!

It is always fun sharing the 1955 book Harold and the Purple Crayon with a new class of kindergarteners! There are lots of new books with the same theme. The 2013 Caldecott Honor book Journey, by Aaron Becker, is a more colorful updated version of the classic Harold book that I am excited to share with kindergartener too! Even with newer fantastic options, I still love returning to this classic on occasion. Crockett Johnson's book still comes alive for my students.

Today, kindergarteners read the classic book and then using the free iPad app PaintSparkle, students tried to follow Harold's example! They did a wonderful job of creating art work that they would like to jump into!

Kindergarteners also wanted to share the words and numbers they were learning in their classroom this week. Once they shared their imaginary picture, I let them share their words for the week! (look, see, in, like, to were just a few!) They were so excited to share!