Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Chromebooks!!! Why Not Use Our 5th "Polar Vortex" Day To Learn How To Use Them!!

On Friday, while I was attending a district media specialist meeting, we received a special delivery!!! Nineteen new Chromebooks were delivered to my office.  This is such a special gift from our wonderful PTO!!!!  Our students will be able to do so many wonderful things with these devices.  It is great for them to learn how to use a variety of mobile devices!!

When I realized we had another "polar vortex" day without students today, I quickly decided to offer our teachers a lesson to launch our Chromebooks.  Chromebooks are super easy to use, so once I gave teachers a little background, they were off and running!!  Our OHE teachers are quick, enthusiastic learners.  They are so happy to have this new resource!