Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New eBooks Coming Soon To An Oak Hills Student Near You! Capstone's MyOn, MackinVia and Follett Shelf!!

I am really excited to introduce new eBook libraries to Oak Hills students and teachers in the coming weeks!! (Really, we are reintroducing MyOn.)   Each of these resources, MyOn, MackinVia and Follett Shelf, brings us some wonderful learning opportunities for our students and teachers!  They can be accessed via the web or a mobile app!


MyOn was a pilot for our district last year and is now back as a more permanent feature.  Students who were here last year are still able to use their usernames and passwords, as these have not changed.  For those who may have forgotten their username and password, we will be sending letters home with this information very soon.  Additionally parents can look in the parent portal for their child's username and password.

MyOn is a bit more than a simple eBook library.  It assesses each child's reading level and helps them find books that are appropriate for their reading level and interests.

Students, parents and teachers can easily find out a variety of educationally relevant facts about each book - Lexile, Guided Reading Level, Page Count, just to name a few.


MackinVia is an eResource Library (books, video and databases) and is the newest addition to Oak Hills Elementary.  I only recently found MackinVia and I was impressed from the beginning.  We currently only have the free "starter" set of 37 books and they are engaging, beautiful and very well written!  I am hoping to introduce MackinVia to our students and staff over the next few weeks! Because these ebooks are beautifully visual, they will be perfect for providing support materials for teacher lessons.  Good job to MackinVia for providing enough of a starter set to really get us hooked so we want to purchase more for our students!  They're great!!

Follett Shelf

I have been ordering books for our library from Follett for years.  When they began to offer eBooks, I was excited!!  So I surveyed our Oak Hills teaching staff to ask what lesson support they might find beneficial in an eBook format.  I was able to purchase 42 books that teachers can use with their lessons and students can read for fun!  Once students are given their own usernames and passwords, they will be able to take notes and highlight text!  These books will be perfect for research!

I hope to have all of these new resources rolled out to staff and students in the near future!!