Friday, January 10, 2014

Students Create "Favorite 2013 Book Review" Comics Using The Story Me App!

Students love sharing their favorite books, and there is no better way to get students reading than peer to peer suggestions!!  These informal, typically verbal book reviews come naturally and are highly valued by students because they come from friends!  

This week, fourth and fifth graders have been sharing their favorite books of 2013 in comic strip form!! With a new iPad app called Story Me (thanks to my media specialist friends, Kathryne Nguyen and Paula Hansen for the tip on this great app!!) students have been able to share their favorite book reviews in a new and creative way!  

Students searched for their favorite book cover in Google Images, and saved it to the iPad camera roll.  They then took a "selfie".  They imported both images into a Landscape 2X2 frame in Story Me, applied the "cartoon" filter to the images, and created text bubbles for their book reviews.  

These book reviews will make a nice addition to each student's website!