Monday, January 20, 2014

So What Is It That Teachers Do On Teacher Inservice Days?? - Google Drive!!!

For those who are not in the teaching profession, you may wonder... what do the teachers do on those teacher inservice days!  Is is all donuts and fun??

Being a teacher is all about learning.  Though it is a bit cliched to say, choosing the teaching profession guarantees that you will be called upon to be a lifelong learner and collaborator!  Our Oak Hills teachers are just that...lifelong learners and collaborators.

Early this morning, we piled into the computer lab where Mr. Labatte shared his new "just for staff" Google website, Patty Johnson shared OLPA (MCA preparation) and I was able to provide an inservice on organizing and sharing in Google Drive.

Last year, our district moved to using Google for the backbone of our file creation and sharing. Now that we have had a year to create and share with each other, it seemed like a good time to learn how to manage the huge array of files in our Google Drives.

During the afternoon, Oak Hills Elementary teachers traveled over to Eastview Elementary for a collaborative safety training session with the Lakeville police.  It was very informative!

So teacher inservice days will often include donuts and fun, but there is always learning and collaborating!!!!