Tuesday, May 6, 2014

1st Graders Love Mercer Mayer's Just Me And My Mom eBook App!!

First graders LOVE Mercer Mayer's Little Critter books. I hadn't even begun to speak, and as I prepared to introduce them by picking up a stack of Little Critter books, I could hear my 1st graders enthusiastically announcing to the class..."I love those books!", "I have that books", "That is my favorite book!" Clearly Mercer Mayer and his Little Critter series needed no introduction!

I was especially excited about today's Mercer Mayer lesson because I had been waiting for some months to introduce 1st graders to an eBook app that I thought would be great for this week, the week leading up to Mother's Day.  The ebook entitled Just Me and My Mom, like all of Mr. Mayer's books, was totally delightful! In ebook form, it had quite a few enhanced functions. Students could choose to read the story independently or have it read to them, complete with sweet little background music. Students could tap anywhere in the story to receive identifying popup vocabulary words. For extra added fun, there was a tiny frog on each page. Students could locate each frog and tap on them to add to their total frog count of 19.

After we read Just Me and My Mom, students used our "go to" app, PicCollage, to create a Little Critter Mother's Day Card. Students used an image of Little Critter and Mom from Mercer Mayer's website art gallery with permission for printing, http://www.littlecritter.com/gallery_mom_main.html 

Here are just a few examples!!!