Tuesday, May 13, 2014

An AppSmashing Culminating Digital Porfolio Using Thinglink , Keynote and Google Drive!

Mouse over the image, and the links will appear!

Recently my colleague and friend, Paula Hansen, media specialist at Eastview Elementary, called me excited to share a cool idea for a digital portfolio that she had seen. The digital portfolio idea used the app ThingLink to consolidate student work into a digital portfolio! Really Cool!! 

The Thinglink app helps users create interactive images with live links. We used Thinglink for an Olympics project back in February - to read about our previous work with Thinglink,
check out Olympic Research - Digging Deeper And Making Connections Using ThingLink!  

I thought it would be a wonderful culminating activity to have students pick their best work of the year and share it with Thinglink!  Instead of a plain colored background, I had them take a picture of themselves!  They used the Keynote App to add labels in colorful shapes to their image. 

There were a few struggles along the way.  For our documents, we published them with "link only" access from the Google Drive file menu, but the movies and images didn't have the publish option. Finally after some 'think' time, we tried simply sharing the images/movies with link only access and it worked!! Have I mentioned lately how much I love Google Apps for Education!!!

I am really grateful to Paula for sharing this idea with me! Students really enjoyed creating their digital portfolios and seeing all of their best work displayed in this creative way!